Mediavine University: Growing Traffic with Heather Tullos | Mediavine On Air Episode 48

Mediavine On Air

Apr 22 2022 • 50 mins

It's finally here!  Without further ado, please allow us to introduce Mediavine University, where we teach content creators how to build sustainable businesses.  Our debut course, Growing Traffic, is now live and available to purchase. In honor of that, we're celebrating with Mediavine's VP of Support Heather Tullos.  She and Jenny will be dishing on all things Growing Traffic and Mediavine University (MVU), talking about how the course is set up, the different topics that are covered and what's up next. You don't want to miss it! Helpful Resources Mediavine UniversityHelpful Resources from the liveUsing Heat MapsSpotlight Subscribe Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] JENNY GUY: Hey. Hello. Howdy. Hi, long lost friends. It feels like it has been about 500 years since we last saw each other. How are you all? Hello. The last time that we were all together for an episode of Teal Talk it was February and cold, and we were having a terrific conversation with two of the founders of Black People's Recipes as part of our Black History Month programming. Now March and the whole of Women's History Month has passed us by and it is already spring. The days are longer and all kinds of things are blooming from flowers to seasonal allergies. And I am suffering on the regs. But I just wanted to first say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to join us for another episode of Mediavine's Teal Talk. I'm with you as always as your host, Jenny Guy. Our goal with all of the programming we put out at Mediavine is to provide education in service of our company mission statement, which if you don't know what that is, here it is, helping content creators build sustainable businesses. It sounds so noble. And it is noble. We're very passionate about it around here. And I have to say that our topic today falls absolutely in line with our Mediavine mission. And it's really been a dream of mine for a whole lot of years. So I will try to keep any squealing or pinching myself off camera, so y'all don't have to watch. So that's right. If you missed any of the times in the last few days that we blasted it out over social media, we have officially launched Mediavine University, where we teach content creators how to build sustainable businesses. Yes! We need an applause track. OK. Our first course of many is available for purchase right now, and the long title is What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Website About Growing Traffic. And while this one is designed for content creators earlier on in their blogging career, we have many courses coming up that will be perfect for wherever you are in your publishing journey. Our goal with this is to have to be meeting people in different places wherever they are, whether it's they're just getting started or they've been doing this for many years. In fact, part of the reason that we are here today is to ask you, our always incredible audience, what courses and instructors do you want to see on Mediavine University? So say, hey, let us know in the comments. We are taking notes. My incredible team is writing it all down. So tell us, we want to know as always. We always ask you guys what do you want to see? What are your next ideas? And that's what we're here for. So please put that in there. And now that I have been yapping away, and a lot of yapping, it is past time to introduce my wonderful guest with me today, is Heather Tullos, Mediavine's VP of Support. Heather is not only one of the featured instructors in the growing traffic course, but she and I worked together to plot the course out. So it truly would not be happening without her. So I want to welcome you Heather and thank you and the whole support team for all of your support in bringing Mediavine University to life. So thank you. They support they're good at supporting. That's what they do. Let's talk growing traffic and be you,