Automating Your Business with Erin Chase | Mediavine On Air Episode 40

Mediavine On Air

Feb 3 2022 • 59 mins

When starting the new year, there's a lot of things you have to get in order for your business to thrive. More often than not, you're doing the job of 5+ people as a content creator.Enter automation. Automating work frees up time and helps you focus your attention where it's needed. Erin Chase from 5 Dollar Dinners joins Jenny Guy, our Senior Director of Marketing, in a conversation about what automation is and how you should treat these products and services as an "invisible employee". From determining what tasks you should automate to what services could be the right fit for you, you don't want to miss it! (This past episode of Summer of Live was brought to you by BigScoots, a service that offers completely hands-on managed WordPress hosting. Visit their website at Helpful Resources 5 Dollar DinnersErin's Meal Planning WorkshopFreezer Friendly Dump Dinners CookbookFreezer Cooking ToolsWhis-Kid Cooking Lessons Transcript JENNY GUY: It's Thursday, August 20, which means that summer is winding down. Sad face for some of us. Some people are all fall and have been waiting for Halloween to begin. Since I have an awesome food blogger on today, I decided that we should kick off this episode with food talk even though she's not really here to talk food. So for your hello, welcome, post in the comments, what end-of-summer produce are you making the most of while it still lasts? Or are you canning? Tell us in the comments what late summer goodies your loving. Gifts, emojis, recipe links, whatever butters your bread with late summer produce, drop it in there, and that's what we're talking about today. And while you are spamming us with comments I wanted to let you know that this episode is brought to you by BigScoots. BigScoots offers completely hands on managed WordPress hosting purpose built with WordPress in mind to deliver industry leading performance and reliability. They proactively dig deep into your specific WordPress website to find optimizations and page speed performance improvements that other hosts just don't have time for. As your WordPress partner, they will be laser-focused on your individual site catching issues before they impact you or your site's visitors. And are always working hard behind the scenes to ensure things are secure and running smoothly without having to be asked. For more information on BigScoots, check out their website. We're going to share that in the comments for you. We are so glad to have BigScoots. They're so fun. Oh, yay. And we're already getting wonderful comments from people what they're doing with their late summer produce. We've got white nectarines. Yeah, Carol Bryant. Good call. Tomato cucumber salad. Yep. Canning salsa, diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, and pickled okra, Rachel. You're putting us all to shame. OK. I will go. I will go back to the food in a minute. But for the topic at hand, as I already mentioned, my guest is a pretty big deal in the blogging world. And for her specific food focus she really emphasizes saving home cooks-- their sanity, their money, making their lives easier. And she is here today to do the same for all of our audience websites. Free up your time and your energy so you can focus on the high level and high priority tasks in your business with automations. And I have been wanting to sing the-- [LAUGHS] do you know the Pointer Sisters song? (SINGING) Automatic. I've been wanting to-- every time I say, automations, I want to go, (SINGING) automations. Every time. So just so you know. Erin Chase is here. She is the founder of $5 Dinners and,,, and author of The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook series. She is on a mission to help busy, overwhelmed home chefs learn to spend less money on groceries and get organized in the kitchen. Her courses and membership programs have helped tens o...