How To Invest for Beginners (Step by Step)

Erika Taught Me

Jan 9 2024 • 55 mins

#66: Jeremy Schneider, founder of Personal Finance Club, has doubled his net worth by reinvesting since he retired at age 36. Think of this episode as an Investing 101 course, where Jeremy and Erika guide us through the basics of investing. It’s completely beginner-friendly, even if you’ve never invested! We cover the most common questions you have about investing, including:  - what is a stock? - what is an index fund? - ⁠what should I invest in? - what is Compounding Interest? - The 50-30-20 rule for investing Special thanks to our partners & sponsors: Hostinger: Use ERIKA10 to get 10% off a website and a free domain name at Webull (free stocks) - Aura: Get a 14-day free trial with my sponsor Aura and see where your personal information is being leaked online - Want to watch it with visuals?⁠ Watch this episode on YouTube  As promised, here is the link to join my course 3D Money - take control of your future and transform your money habits. I’m running a free “Save $1,000 Challenge” to teach you creative strategies to save money. It’s 5 days long and starts on Monday. Grab your free spot here: If you are focused on increasing your net worth, then you should listen/watch the episode with Dave Ramsey next: Thanks for tuning in and come back every Tuesday for a brand-new episode! Make sure you hit the follow button to get notified.  Did you enjoy the episode?⁠⁠ Please leave us a review here⁠⁠ : (just scroll to the bottom and tap on “leave a review”) It really helps the podcast especially since we’re just getting started. Even just a sentence is perfect! Follow the podcast @erikataughtme across platforms. ⁠Connect with me on Instagram.⁠ For more information, go to⁠⁠ Get my Mastering YouTube course, to learn how to grow a YouTube following and monetize it ⁠Get more of my free resources.