Best of The Jules Show: A Passion for Men's Ministry

The Jules Show

Jul 30 2020 • 0 seconds

[As we reset for season three of The Jules Show Podcast, Producer Anne, Editor Jeff and Jules have picked their favorite podcasts from the past. This week, it's Jeff’s pick which originally posted July 24, 2019] Let's face it - when you get right down to it, we're all a bunch of broken toys. We're sinners, with lot's of issues and hard as we may try to do the right thing, we just keep messing up. If you're anything like me, you scratch your head sometimes, because on the one hand, you know God doesn't waste anything in our lives, but on the other you're sitting there thinking "Lord, how are you going to use this disaster in my life for your glory?" My friend Mark Benson wondered this, too. After his infant daughter died at 90 days of life, and his marriage subsequently ended in divorce, Mark was struggling to see what God was doing with his personal tragedy. In my podcast interview with Mark, he shares with me just how God redeemed his personal brokenness and placed on his heart a passion to lead men's ministry in an effort to help and disciple other hurting and broken men. Click and listen to my podcast interview with Mark Benson.