Just Trying To Get Along

The Jules Show

Jun 11 2020 • 0 seconds

Several years ago, I had a Sunday school teacher who shared a story about a church whose congregation actually split and half the people left and formed a new church because the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. They must have been arguing some big theological issue, I thought. That wasn’t it. The huge dispute which broke the church apart was over - wait for it  - what color the new carpet for the sanctuary should be!!Jesus tells us they will know you because of your love amongst the brothers and sisters. Our unity is what sets us apart. Or it should be. But lately in our world, unity, even among Christians, seems hard to come by. So that’s why I asked one of the most  biblically grounded people I know to share with us biblical truth we can all use to work together for unity..David Holt, author and pastor at Living Hope Church in Athens offers us counsel on how to keep the main thing the main thing. And the main thing is the saving blood of Jesus. Learn more at livinghopeathens.com.