Daring To Dream Big

The Jules Show

Oct 15 2020 • 0 seconds

So here's a question for you to consider: When was the last time you sat down and thought about the dreams you have for your life? If you haven't thought about your dreams in a while and could use some inspiration to do so, then check out my latest podcast interview with an incredible young woman named Maria Anifowose. Maria grew up in extreme poverty in Nigeria, where opportunities are few and far between, especially for girls. Being Christian in a heavily Muslim community didn't make it any easier, but Maria always knew God had big plans for her. She knew education would be her ticket out of poverty and she dreamed one day of traveling abroad to further her education. When a poster went up at her school advertising a writing contest with a trip to London as the prize, she figured this was her big chance. Maria's story is an inspiring example of the value of daring to dream big, of being patient and of having the faith to believe God would answer her prayers. Hearing Maria's story reminded me of the Bible verse in Habakkuk 2:2 where the prophet is told to "write the vision and make it plain on tablets," and it occurred to me I cannot ask God to bless my dreams if I don't even know what they are. Maria helped me realize I may need to revisit my dreams and spend some time checking in with God to see if they line up with His plan! Maria is currently attending college in Gainesville, Georgia through the kindness of scholarship donations made to her GoFundMe account. If you are moved by her story and would like to contribute, you may do so at the link below. Contribute to Maria's Go Fund Me account CONNECT @jules_show