Quarantine Week 3: It's Getting Lonely In Here

The Jules Show

Apr 2 2020 • 0 seconds

Ok, so, the first few days of the quarantine weren't so bad. It was sort of like like snow days, only the snow wasn't white - it was yellow....because it was pollen. But it's like, what...who even remembers...how many days into this new anything-but-normal normal we've got going now? Even people I know who are hermits are starting to get antsy with life in the bubble. We're all starting to feel the many emotions that come from isolation. So that's why I used one of my life lines to phone a friend. On this episode of The Jules Show podcast, Taylor Mason, clinical director and staff therapist with Bethel Haven a non profit Christian counseling service in Athens, GA, shares some tips I personally found very helpful in combatting the isolation brought on by COVID 19. Taylor helps answer questions you may be feeling, like dealing with a sense of loss or grief, tips on how to stay positive and the good and maybe not so good uses of technology. And of course, she offers us all some hope and encouragement from God's word! All great information to help you find a little joy and some sanity during this time of upheaval! Learn more at www.bethelhaven.net