FF Singlie #3: Texas Chainsaw Massacre [2022]

Film Fights

Mar 19 2022 • 37 mins

[chainsaw sfx] AHHH!  Oh no!  Look out!  It's another one of those Film Fights Singlies!  Yuppers, nothing to fear here - just a bunch of laughs with a whole ton of filler.  JUST LIKE THIS MOVIE!!!  It probably goes without saying that the Family Saw has gotten pretty dull after NINE installments, so there is probably not much hope for a tenth after this butchered beast.  But hey!  If the movie's a lemon, let yer Film Fighters, Kon 'n Jon, mutilate it til the sour in your mouth has gone south.  South to Texas - YEE-HAW!  [does any of that even track- who wrote this dribble?!]

Tangents include Fruit Leather Man, Bull Dick Dog Treats, Movie Making Chef!

Intro/Outro Theme by Math the Band.

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