FF Singlie #1: Spider-Man No Way Home

Film Fights

Jan 29 2022 • 45 mins

Welcome to our first Singlie episode!  What's a Singlie?  It's a silly fancy way of saying single.  As in, we discuss just one movie and fight each other.  Spider-Man: No Way Home was arguably the best Spider-Man film Marvel has done to date, tying up some loose ends and creating a means to continue on without Spidey's BIGGEST villain - Sony!  But what do Kon n' Jon think of this behemoth film?  Prolly the same; Check it out!

Tangents include Other Movies, Pr0n, Duck Grindr, Mario 2, and Pedro Parker - Hombre Araña (The Ricky Ricardo Spider-Verse)!

Intro/Outro Theme by Math the Band.

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