FF Singlie #2: Last Night In Soho

Film Fights

Feb 19 2022 • 44 mins

Another No-Fight!  Which means - Another Singlie!  And boy oh boy (or rather girl oh girl) did we have a smash of a time talking about the latest Edgar Wright film, Last Night In Soho starring the wonderfully talented Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie.  Can you guess how much we actually discussed the film versus going on wild and inane tangents?  You'd be right!  What?

Tangents include Jim Carrey, AOL 100 Hours Free!, Malignant for some reason, Dave Coulier, New Movie Posters, Malignant again, YouTube Autoplay, Fievel Goes West, More Malignant (WHY?!), French Burger King, Cursive Origins!

Intro/Outro Theme by Math the Band.