Franchise Frenzy: Battle of the Hellraisers!

Film Fights

Oct 2 2022 • 1 hr 53 mins

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It's Spooktober!  And the Film Fights Fellows - Kon 'n' Jon - are going all out this month with a special event - Franchise Frenzy!  Each week in October will see a different horror film franchise watched, battled, and ordered from Best to Worst.  Kicking things off is the original "torture porn" film series Hellraiser!  Although not much torture nor porn to be had.  Except when that one lady was effed to death by that guy with a knife strap-on.  Wait.  That was Se7en.

Tangents include:  Hellraiser Sitcom, Cenobite's Cinna-Bites, Jack Palance as Pinhead, Clarissa Explains It Hell, day-old pizza, Back to the Future, Spice Girls, Pinhead struggling actor, BowserWorld, Standing Tall, Hellraiser Slide .

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