#032: Attack the Block vs Mars Attacks [with Sarah Tullos]

Film Fights

May 7 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Zap!  Ka-Boom!  Snarl!  It's a alien freakout invasion y'all!  Thankfully we have special guest Sarah Tullos to help us get to the bottom of which is the superior alien race.  Barking brainful Martians or pure black blind beasts with luminous teeth?  Or maybe we'll just talk about John Boyega a whole bunch.  Or argue about Whataburger with or without cheese.

Tangents include Charcuterie Pronunciations,  Elon Musk, Apartment Mortgage, Accent Tryouts, a David Bowie Drum Solo, Ducks!, Pollux Segues, Justin Bieber's Lonely, Dual Duels, Interruption Rules.

Intro/Outro Theme by Math the Band.  Follow Sarah Tullos on Instagram maybe:  @thesarahshow__