Unconscious Bias: Yes, it is Real. Audio Booklet. (Systemic Bias & Systemic Racism in Healthcare 1/4)

The Health Disparities Podcast

Oct 7 2023 • 56 mins

This is the first of a 4 episode mini-series of The Health Disparities Podcast exploring bias & systemic racism in medicine. The series aims to bring to the surface discussions, definitions, & perspectives about the problem of bias, examples of bias, structural & systemic racism, & examples of programs and policies that are tackling bias & racism.

"Unconscious Bias, Yes it is Real" is a useful short guide to understanding unconscious bias, its consequences in healthcare, & some ways to mitigate unconscious bias. It discusses most types of bias impacting the quality of healthcare, including race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion, mental health, & weight bias. The "Unconscious Bias, Yes it is Real" booklet is available as a digital download on our website. Movement is Life invites listeners to use the booklet in association with this audio resource as the basis for workshops and discussion groups aimed at improving cultural sensitivity & understanding.

1:35 Introduction – We are all biased | 3:25 What is bias? | 5:30 Types of bias | 8:02 Unconscious or implicit biases | 9:55 Unconscious bias in healthcare | 13:40 Unconscious bias involving weight | 16:12 Unconscious bias involving mental health | 18:20 Unconscious bias involving race & ethnicity | 23:10 Unconscious bias involving gender & gender identity | 28:35 Unconscious bias involving sexual orientation | 30:35 Limitations in research | 32:18 How patients respond to bias | 36:30 Measuring unconscious bias using IAT | 41:50 Counteracting bias in healthcare | 44:30 The LEARN model | 46:00 Glossary | 50:30 Closing comments

Unconscious Bias, Yes it Real - Digital Booklet: http://startmovingstartliving.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Unconscious_Bias_Content_03_print.pdf

About Movement is Life https://www.movementislifesummit.org/website/56162/about-movement-is-life/

Narration by Dr. Michelle Leak & Rolf Taylor.

Adapted for audio from the booklet & produced by Rolf Taylor.

(c) Movement is Life 2023

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