The Sonic Symphonic Podcast: Episode 16 - ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: HARTLIGHT (Noemie Allet & Adrien Djouadou)

The Sonic Symphonic Podcast

Dec 18 2022 • 39 mins

You heard them first in Phoebus The Knight; and now this inspiring couple have come out and given us the amazing HARTLIGHT and a debut EP that will literally blow you away. 'From Midland & Beyond' is a strikingly beautiful and sonically colourful homage to a Manga series called 'Beserk'. Noemie's vocals are mesmerizingly enchanting and the magic this couple has both in and out of the studio is profound as much as it is cute to witness and this interview was such an insight into their special unison, their journey, and we had many a laugh along the way!!!

A walkthrough of 'From Midland And Beyond': • HARTLIGHT: 'FROM ...

Hartlight YouTube: @hartlight2539




Enjoy the episode - come back soon!


00:00 Introduction

01:00 Interview commences

01:01 Introduction to Hartlight, a soundtrack to my house move

02:14 Reactions to the EP so far, music videos

02:55 Noemie's vocals, the story of their power coming to be, opera, pop music, Adrien's support, teaching, 07:10 Noemie & Adrien as a couple; the dynamics of being both musical and romantic partners, their mutual encouragement, processes and development, passions, sensitivities, tensions enjoyment and success!

13:41 Praise for the couple, as both life and musical partners, the EP. How things differ for Adrien between Phoebus The Knight and Hartlight. "The Perfect Cocktail". Noemie's 'discovery' of Adrien's work.

16:22 The speed at which Hartlight's EP was created completed, and signed to @WormHoleDeathLabel and the 'Beserk' story. Praise for WormHoleDeath.

21:14 The shooting of the 'Be Blessed' video, location, how that relates to the 'Beserk' story, abusive religion 23:26 Work, play, and composition and composer-ship, more on the location shoot, permissions for shooting, some commentary on working with non-metal enthusiasts, some of my experiences in regard to that.

27:37 Back to the EP... I start talking through each song but soon segue into other points, Adrien as my vocal tutor, 80s music, ABBA,

30:15 Naomi's next compositions, album, differences this time around, a more progressive style, weirdness, writing 'what come's out' and how that's important.

32:00 Praise for Adrien and Noemi as individuals; and their personal, musical and podcast support, 'the wall', wishes of success.

34:36 An increase of my scheduling, some comedy, Adrien's mixing support, my own learning in this process

36:36 Christmas wishes and goodbyes

37:44 Closing commentary and Hartlight's placement up on 'the wall'. "Couples that Metal together, stay together"