Social Media Coaching Session

eyeClarity Podcast

May 9 2023 • 6 mins

I am sharing a session I gave to an entrepreneur on social media growth. I share some of my key tips to grow your accounts and reach your audience. Enjoy the show. If you want more, sign up for my newsletter at: If you have any questions, submit them to or you can now text me! Text ‘Join’ to 1-844-932-1291 to join the community and ask your questions!   SUMMARY KEYWORDS posts, repurpose, person, presentation, coaching session, podcast, videoed, depends, skin, hate speech, document, eyedrops, insights, santa fe, people, trip, bookstore, work, videographer, short   Hello, everyone, it’s Dr. Sam, I’d like to welcome you to my EyeClarity podcast. This is a show that offers cutting edge information on how to improve your vision and overall wellness through holistic methods. I so appreciate you spending part of your day with me. If you have questions, you can send them to Hey, everybody, it's Dr. Sam and I want to welcome you to my podcast today a little different take on things I'm going to give a coaching session to person who's an entrepreneur,   00:13 she's got a skin line. And this is some of the stuff I do as volunteer through an organization that I work for called score, helping businesses. And so you'll hear some of my insights on how I'm building my brand, my social media, and I hope you enjoy the show. This past weekend, I did a book signing at the ark, bookstore, and, and I, I basically, now I have a videographer now that I've hired but what he did is he had three cameras, we, we videoed the whole talk, which was really good. And now I'm turning that into a podcast. And it was a really great presentation, at least that's what people said. And it was a live event. So you know, getting to do those is is really good. And the q&a, what I've done with that is each part. So I'd q&a in the group, and then people would come up, and they would have their individual comments and questions. And we told them ahead of time, everything is videoed, so I got some great interactions from people one on one, where you know, everything from, gee, I'm so frustrated with my current doctor, what do you recommend? Or you know, I've been using your stuff for six months, it's really working, what do you think I should do next? So we take those and then repurpose them for shorter posts. And, again, it's just I try to repurpose everything I can, your time is more efficient that way also, because, you know, like this, this lady who is one of my competitors asked me to do a presentation for her private group. And I said, Well, I want to be able to video it. She said, No, you can't. I said, Well, how about this, I'll video it, just my part. And I won't video the q&a at the end or your people, she said, I don't care, you can do that. So that makes it worth it for me to do it, because I'm not getting paid for it. So I'm always looking at ways like next week, I'm taking a trip, and I'm gonna document the trip, gets a book signing, and there's some other things I'm doing. So I'm going to document the trip, document, different things I'm doing. And again, repurposing it. So that gives me that 48 content pieces a day, I've got so many at this point that, you know, it just keeps it going every week, I'm I'm doing you know, 100 to 200 posts, and I see the growth from that, because not everybody sees the the same, you know, post depends on their feed, and you know, who they're following and stuff like that. So, and I had a thing where somebody threatened me around the eyedrops, you know, and so I had a contact Instagram and say, Look, this person is personally attacking me in a way that's a little threatening, and they came stepped right in, they blocked the person, and I don't know what they did with them. But, you know, if anybody ever does that to you, I don't take it, you know, I immediately I just block them and say goodbye. I mean,