San Diego Master Class Part 2

eyeClarity Podcast

May 1 2023 • 10 mins

Here is a peak into my San Diego Master Class where we work with essential oils and red light lenses. Enjoy the show. If you want more, sign up for my newsletter at: If you have any questions, submit them to or you can now text me! Text ‘Join’ to 1-844-932-1291 to join the community and ask your questions!   SUMMARY KEYWORDS fennel, eyes, oils, work, glasses, frankincense, vedic, put, meditation, great, feel, carrot seed, gold miner, tonics, meditate, ophthalmology, smell, copper toxicity, funnel, people   Hello, everyone, it’s Dr. Sam, I’d like to welcome you to my EyeClarity podcast. This is a show that offers cutting edge information on how to improve your vision and overall wellness through holistic methods. I so appreciate you spending part of your day with me. If you have questions, you can send them to   work on two aspects. One is the copper toxicity. And the other is improving your eyesight. So the way this is going to work is I'm going to run you through a process on how you can use the essential oils in this. So the first oil, we're going to use his sweet fennel. Fennel works great for digestion, you probably know about it. But the first thing we're going to have you do is just smell it. That's the first thing. It's a now the next thing we're going to have you do is, if I may have the inside part of your wrist, let's do a test patch and see how that feels for you. Any burning any anything on your wrist that problem? Okay, so then the next thing is I like to layer the oils. And either you can use them, like we're going to use them or you could have some coconut oil nearby, if it starts to get too intense. And so I use a drop of a set of nice, it's very subtle. Yeah, it's very subtle. What we're gonna do is we're going to put it up here on either side. So it's kind of in direct line with your eyes, but it's not near you. Yeah, right about. And then the second place we're going to do it is by the temple and the hairline, by the way, so yep. Right. And then we're gonna do the zygomatic bone, or let's say the cheekbone. So we're kind of painting around these, these dots here. So we're doing it here. And here. And here. And here. Here and here. So this is the femoral. That's the one we're starting with. So let's take a moment and see how that how that feels to you. Are you What are you experiencing? From the from the funnel? You can try it.   02:06 I think a sense of calm   02:08 sense of calm. Okay.   02:11 Then, sort of like love then   02:15 we can go into the emotional psychological, because these these can be very spiritual, actually. Yeah, there you go.   02:23 It's also cooling I think in a bit   02:27 and I would say your your eyes situation, you have more heat coming out of your eyes. So anyway, we can kind of get more Yin into it. As you know. I don't know what your Vedic Constitution is a more pizza. Yeah. So with pitta, you know, there's a lot of mental activity.   02:48 Right. Right. Right. And the flex to the liver and the eyes.   02:51 Right. Exactly. Exactly. So the higher Vedic model life study that was you have and that's another way to interpret.   03:03 I think fennel. My I already talked to India used to give me if you my kids had Boyles or any Oh yeah. eruptions. So 10 Raisins. So overnight with two or one teaspoon of fennel powder, we have completely removed all the data from the eggs. Options,   03:21 right? So that's why I chose that for you. Yeah, I know you a little bit. So that was working with a beta on that one. All right. Now the second one we're going to give you is currency. And I want you to smell it. First of all, make sure so all factory goes to the limbic brain. It's really great as a way to introduce yourself to it. So what's your experience with the currency? What do you feel? What do you notice?

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