How to Reduce Your Nearsightedness at 20

eyeClarity Podcast

May 15 2023 • 53 mins

I wanted to share this session I help with a patient struggling with nearsightedness. I show her some eye exercises and we work on creating a personalized protocol together. Enjoy the show. If you want more, sign up for my newsletter at: If you have any questions, submit them to or you can now text me! Text ‘Join’ to 1-844-932-1291 to join the community and ask your questions!   SUMMARY KEYWORDS eye, prescription, glasses, exercise, breakfast, vitamin, good, eat, wear, left, day, blur, thumb, distance, screen, home, protein, questions, jelly beans, foods   Hello, everyone, it’s Dr. Sam, I’d like to welcome you to my EyeClarity podcast. This is a show that offers cutting edge information on how to improve your vision and overall wellness through holistic methods. I so appreciate you spending part of your day with me. If you have questions, you can send them to   Next, recording for you. Okay, so what are your goals and objectives today I   00:12 want to learn about like, how I can improve my vision cuz honestly, I'm really just want to be comfortable not wearing my glasses.   00:23 Okay. All right, that's fair enough. And when did you get your first prescription? I mean,   00:32 I was in second grade,   00:34 third grade. And you remember what happened? What was going on? Were you having trouble seeing the board? Or?   00:41 Yeah, I think it was because we had those, like vision tests that we did at school. And I think that mine didn't come back. You know? 2020. So I remember my parents took me to the eye doctor, and I got my prescription.   00:57 Your first prescription? And then did you have any increases?   01:03 Yeah. I mean, it's been like increasing over the years. Oh, my   01:09 God. Yeah. So I'm looking through the portal. Did you happen to send me that prescription somewhere?   01:24 You can read it to me.   01:26 I'll read it. Okay. Okay. All right. Oh, D.   01:34 Yeah. Are these right?   01:35 I? Okay. Oh, D it says fear. Negative 4.5. And then cylinder, negative point five. Okay, and then access 175. Okay. And then oh, S series, negative 6.0. And then it says cylinder, d s.   02:00 And then nothing else. Okay, and what's the date of that prescription?   02:08 The 21st of February this year,   02:13 which is, like fresh one, like for this appointment? Just to give you an idea, like,   02:19 where she's at right now? Okay, is she wearing that prescription? No, she says one. You're wearing an older prescription?   02:30 Yeah, from like, three years ago?   02:36 years ago, okay. And it's not important, but do you have those numbers? I believe.   03:01 So it'd be Oh, do you would be negative 3.75. cylinder and x to stay the same.   03:12 Okay, and then   03:14 negative 4.5. And actually, you didn't have anything for?   03:21 Yes. Okay, so, this prescription you're looking through, which is three years old? Or how are you seeing out of it? Or is it blurry for you? Is it clear? What do you   03:38 generally like everything is still clear. I mean, if I'm looking at something small on the board, if I'm sitting like kind of foreign class, like it's gonna be a bit blurry. For my day to day life, I, I really don't have any issues at all in this English class. Okay.   03:58 Sounds good. And what about TV or road signs? Any difficulty there?   04:06 Not really. I mean, sometimes when it's dark, I might have to like squint, but in general, not really. Okay.   04:18 So, how's your driving?   04:23 Driving is fine. I never had any issues with driving.   04:28 Okay, so this prescription works for driving. Okay. And there's quite a big difference in this February 21. Prescription,