S02E05 - Speak As If They Are Innocent [Part 2]

Master Coach Mindset With Rhonda Britten

Sep 10 2018 • 28 mins

Today’s episode we’ll be continuing our conversation about Skill #1: Speak as if they are Innocent.

Innocence changes everything. Listen to Episode 5 now.

What You Will Discover:

- Different ways judgment may be seeping in to your Sessions

- Disempowering questions and their effect on your Clients

- How to be present in your conversations

- The rate of listening versus speaking matters

- The power of eliminating "you" before a sentence

- Potential roadblocks to seeing your Client's innocence

- Question of the Day: "What's the best way to respond in a Session when a Client asks, ‘How are you?' or starts to chit-chat?"


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