S01E07 - The Opportunity is Bigger than the Client’s Problem [Part 7 of 13]

Master Coach Mindset With Rhonda Britten

Jun 25 2018 • 27 mins

Most people are desperately trying to solve their problems. Yet, solving a problem only gives temporary relief. The only path to permanent transformation is soul work.

That’s why today we are focusing on line seven of the Master Coach Manifesto:
"A Master Coach works on two tracks at all times. The problem the client brings, and the real opportunity at hand."

Highlights you don’t want to miss:

4:17   The problem is the path to soul work

4:57   Live the Life Your Soul Intended ®

5:35   Resolving what’s underneath brings peace of mind

7:23   Their dream will eventually fail if we forget this

9:19   You can’t strategize your soul

12:20  What mattered doesn’t matter now

14:54 Coaching Tip of the Day: You are not the answer to your client’s problem.

19:16  What is a leading question?

24:35  The questions that give true choice


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