S01E12 - A Visceral Problem Needs a Visceral Solution [Part 12 of 13]

Master Coach Mindset With Rhonda Britten

Jul 30 2018 • 28 mins

Our feelings override our best intentions. Our insights give us a false sense of awakening. Our coaching is a reflection of how masterfully we have embodied our own feelings, intentions and insights.

Our head will not get us where we want to go. We must use our whole body, heart, spirit and mind.

That’s why today we are focusing on line twelve of the Master Coach Manifesto:
"A Master Coach supports the client in staying centered in their heart because they know a visceral problem can only be solved by a visceral solution."

Highlights you don’t want to miss:

5:34 A problem isn't solved because they think better

7:43 Crying, silence, “what?!” are all powerful visceral cues

10:59 Question of the Day: "What should we look for in a coaching program to ensure the most confidence in our skills when it's over?"

11:42 Insights and ah-ha’s alone do not change lives

15:53 Coaching with peers is ineffective, here’s why

21:28 How did you give up resentment Rhonda?

24:33 Tip of the Day: "Are you willing to love yourself enough to have the courage to help yourself and your clients move into the visceral environment?"

25:04 Are you willing to experience all of your feelings to be a better Coach?


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