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On Comics Ground's flagship podcast, Panel To Panel!, where a bunch of folks shoot the breeze and talk about comic books and such! We cover the latest news in comics and nerd culture as well as recommend some of the past week's comics each week! Hosted by James Portis, Mary Swangin, and Travis Tucker!
Issue #67 Rising Tides & Milestones w/ Brandon ThomasIssue #66: Queer History Month's America under fireIssue #65: DC FANDOME Year 2 FT AnneTalksComics!Issue #64: Queer History Month's Strange Case of ExtrañoIssue #63: A Long Time Comin' for Kaldur'ahm FT. Jordan Clark & Viktor KerneyIssue #62: Tangents & Such FT. Old Man Wade!Issue #61: Lois Pegs Clark! The PTP Shipper Special!Issue #60: The PTP Comic Roast of Civil War IIIssue #59: A Memorial for a HeroIssue #58: The fight for legacy continuesIssue #57: Talkin' Comics & The Deadliest Bouquet w/ Erica Schultz!Issue #56: Our Captain America FT. YouDontReadComics & Old Man WadeIssue #55: We want betterIssue #54: History of the Runaways FT. Comic Uno!Issue #53: What Matters! Barbalien: Red Planet wrap up w/ Tate BrombalIssue #52: Ray Fisher was right (Zack Snyder's Justice League Spoilercast)Issue #51: We had hope, we really did!Issue #49: "It Can Be Better!" But It's Still Okay! (WW84 Spoilercast)Issue #48: "Just be a Ninja!" DC's plans for March revealed!Issue #47: All Hail The Mouse...Again