Page 193: Abby Mingus: From Addiction & Torment to Freedom & Joy

The Unfolding

Apr 5 2024 • 44 mins

Abby Mingus says torment is the best way to describe her mental state during decades of addiction. For years she was chasing the next high, driven by desperation to keep the feelings of torment at bay. During one of her lowest moments, she jumped off an overpass onto a busy interstate, trying to quiet her demons. At first, drugs helped her escape from fear, depression and loneliness. But what started as fun, soon became bondage. It stole years of her life. Now, Abby Mingus loves to tell her story. What seemed impossible was made possible. What was hopeless, became hopeful. Torment and addiction were changed to freedom and joy. A word of caution: Abby’s story includes domestic abuse, suicide, and other mature content.