Page 126: Brandon Richardson and Ryan Stevenson

The Unfolding

May 6 2022 • 39 mins

Brandon Richardson, known professionally as RICHLIN, was in junior high the first time he met Ryan Stevenson. Over the years, their interaction at a summer camp forged friendship, respect, and an awareness of the gifts God had placed in each other. Both of these guys are talented singers, songwriters and musicians. While Brandon Richardson is a newcomer, Ryan Stevenson is known for songs like “Eye of the Storm” and “With Lifted Hands.” Brandon never really dreamed of being a recording artist, but because of the relationships God weaved into his life, he had a passion to follow God’s call to spread grace and hope, however God wanted to do that. This is a story of the power of a mother’s words and her love, the power of friendship, and how God is weaving those relationships in your life, to lead you to his calling, even when you don’t realize it.