Page 191: Christine D’Clario: Mental Health, Hope and Healing

The Unfolding

Mar 22 2024 • 52 mins

By the time Christine D’Clario was a young girl, she had experienced more than her share of brokenness. She suffered sexual abuse, the death of her alcoholic father, her mother’s remarriage, moving from the only home she’d known in New York to Puerto Rico, and then bullying and rejection. By the time Christine was a teenager, she was angry with God. She couldn’t imagine He would take the broken pieces of her life and write a story that would become a source of hope for the nations. Today Christine is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and worship leader with millions of followers in Latin America and beyond. She has a passion to see those who struggle with mental health experience the hope and healing of Jesus. (This episode contains discussion of sexual abuse, postpartum depression, and suicidal ideation.)