The Weirdness

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Welcome to The Weirdness… Middle-schoolers Arlo and Sierra host a podcast dedicated to exploring unexplained phenomena like the Loch Ness Monster, the yeti and the chupacabra. But they’ve never actually witnessed any of it—until they track down an unusual caller who turns out to be none other than Bigfoot himself. Turns out, the Weirdness is real, and it’s everywhere! Arlo, Sierra, and Bigfoot (aka Beef) set off on a mind-blowing adventure across the globe to find out why the creatures of legends are disappearing.

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May 19 2020
4 mins
Coming Soon!S1 E1: BeefS1 E2: The ChupacabraS1 E3: The LeprechaunS1 E4: The YetiS1 E5: UnicornsS1 E6: The MermaidS1 E7: The Jersey DevilS1 E8: The KrakenS1 E9: NessieS1 E10: The Creep