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Welcome to The Weirdness… Middle-schoolers Arlo and Sierra host a podcast dedicated to exploring unexplained phenomena like the Loch Ness Monster, the yeti and the chupacabra. But they’ve never actually witnessed any of it—until they track down an unusual caller who turns out to be none other than Bigfoot himself. Turns out, the Weirdness is real, and it’s everywhere! Arlo, Sierra, and Bigfoot (aka Beef) set off on a mind-blowing adventure across the globe to find out why the creatures of legends are disappearing. For more great shows, visit read less

Our Editor's Take

Mythical legends have been the topic of conversation for generations. This podcast takes a look at the strange creatures rumored to exist around the world. People don't see cryptids like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster too often. But they sure do like to talk about them. These stories can often be divisive. Some people swear they're real, but others will dismiss them as myths. The Weirdness pulls back the curtain on the weird and wonderful creatures that people continue to talk about. Hosted by two inquisitive young adults, Arlo and Sierra, this podcast is appropriate for the entire family.

The hosts' quest to explain the unexplainable takes them all around the world. They explore stories and events in Ireland, Mexico, and beyond. The narrators use dramatic voices and chilling sound effects to set the scene of this gripping series. They also bring the laughs. In each episode, they unravel each fantastical story in great detail. They uncover the fascinating features and characteristics of each legend. Compelling storytelling and eerie sound effects will have listeners on the edge of their seats.

The young hosts' lighthearted approach and funny commentary will leave audiences in stitches. Both young and old listeners can binge on the series on the commute to school or during downtime with the family. Hit play on The Weirdness on Amazon Music to discover tales that feature everything from the yeti to the chupacabra.

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