Ep. 01: Jamie Geller

Saturday To Shabbos

Aug 12 2021 • 43 mins

Jamie Geller’s journey to Jewish observance began when she was still making a name for herself as a celebrated and successful cookbook author and as a big macher in media and marketing. And, as if she wasn’t already facing enough obstacles, she also had to get beyond some myths and misconceptions about Torah Judaism.  This is her story.  *** When Jeff Cohen was growing up, ‘Saturday’ was what he called the day after Friday. But now, among the many changes he’s made in becoming observant - eating kosher, moving to a Jewish community and sending his kids to yeshiva - he now calls Saturday ‘Shabbos.’  On this podcast, Jeff will present original, real-life stories of people who’ve made their own journey to Jewish observance, the obstacles they overcame, and how the journey transformed them. Join him for this bi-monthly podcast series that puts a human face on some of the thousands of people, from many different backgrounds, who’ve recently chosen Torah Judaism.  *** S