Inner Sanctum of the Priestess Podcast

Phiona Hutton

A place of Divine communion and conversation. To inspire, guide and support the Spiritual Seeker, from the novice to adept. Wisdom of the Oracle and Seer with the words woven from the Great Mother through her Priestess. Guided journey, sacred breathwork and alignment of being. Blessings be Phiona )0(

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Feeling this weeks energy
Feeling this weeks energyHow to recognise and connect to familiarsWhat is a Seer?How to stay focused on your pathway?How to step out of egoHow are you today?Learning to hold spaceThe difference between a witch and a priestessHereditary Witch or WitchInstant Magic. -Blessing or a curse.Getting ready for the shiftIntuitionLearning to pauseConnecting to the AncestorsImaginationThe soul and its past livesAchieving successes