Gun Violence

Educator's Playbook

Sep 26 2023 • 32 mins

In this timely episode of the Educator's Playbook, we confront the pervasive issue of gun violence and its reverberating effects across K-12 education. With an alarming 44,367 gun violence deaths reported in the US last year, of which 1,686 were children and teens, the weight of this crisis is palpable in classrooms across the nation. As educators and students grapple with the grief and trauma stemming from these tragedies, the question arises: How does the education community navigate such turbulent waters? Joining the conversation is Jasmine Marshall-Butler, who shares insights from her Ph.D. research on the profound effect that losing students to gun violence has on educators. Also sharing her story is documentary filmmaker Shameka Sawyer, founder of the 5 Shorts Project. She shares her perspective on the broader implications for the school environment and community. This episode serves as a poignant reflection on a pressing societal issue, emphasizing the need for support, understanding and proactive measures in our schools. We realize it's an activating topic, so please be careful when listening. We've included some additional resources below.