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In this podcast I want to explore my sneaking suspicion that Greater Manchester is the GREATEST place in the world, to be founding or running a business, right now. We'll celebrate all this amazing area has to offer by sharing the inspiring stories of Greater Manchester business leaders as well as exploring their personal connections to Greater Manchester through music, leisure, sport and of course food & drink. As a Co-Founder building my business, Real Handful, in the area I know that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We want to share the reality - the highs, the lows and the unique story each business has to tell. By doing so we want to raise the profile of the region further, inspire the next generation of budding entrepreneurs and hopefully have a fun chat along the way. Joe. Instagram - @gmbspodcast Email - read less
GMBS: Jonathan Boyers of KPMG
Sep 22 2022
GMBS: Jonathan Boyers of KPMG
From his start at a local comprehensive school in Orrell, Wigan, our guest this week, Jonathan Boyers, has built a phenomenally successful career in the world of Corporate Finance with  KPMG and now leads their UK Corporate Finance practice from his base in Greater Manchester.This is a fascinating conversation as Jonathan shares how he discovered his love for the world of Corporate Finance, what really goes on behind the scenes of big business transactions, spending his career in one company and his thoughts on where the sector is headed moving forward.  And of course we cover off some of the favourite deals he's worked on in Greater Manchester and companies he admires in the region.Throughout this whole conversation what really struck me was how much Jonathan talks about people and personal motivations when working with entrepreneurs.  If you thought a company like KMPG is solely focused on numbers when supporting the sale or purchase of a business this conversation demonstrates that actually this is just part of the puzzle.  These transactions are very much about people, personalities, politics and working to try and ensure that all parties walk away  feeling fulfilled after the event.Find out more about the KPMG Corporate Finance practice that Jonathan leads here and follow Jonathan on LinkedIn and Twitter here; drop us a line with questions and interview recommendations  :-)Email gmbspodcast@gmail.comInstagram @gmbspodcastProduced & Presented by Joe Taylor of Real Handful Ltd ( & Music Editing by Andy Blackaby-Iles (