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We parented through a Pandemic in survival mode while our kids survived alongside us, absorbing all our big emotions and missing out on developmental learning opportunities. Reclaim the joy of parenting by Transforming the Toddler Years! Join Cara Tyrrell, Early Childhood Educator, conscious parenting coach, founder of Core4Parenting, and creator of the Collaborative Parenting Methodology(TM) as you embrace post-pandemic parenting through soul and science-based stories, strategies, and intentional language scripts to raise world and Kindergarten ready kids. read less

Ep 42. How to Calm Kids' Anxiety with Dr. Seema Desai
3d ago
Ep 42. How to Calm Kids' Anxiety with Dr. Seema Desai
Dr. Seema Desai is a proud wife , mom of two young children and former dentist turned Certified Professional Coach. She's also the author of newly-released children's book, "Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides." In this episode, she shares how she used her intuitive nature to support kids with anxiety when they came to her dental practice. Along with yoga and traveling, connected parenting is a passion for Seema. It is because of her experiences with postpartum depression with her first child that led her to a deep dive into what it is to be a parent and what makes us happy. She believes that helping a parent and child connect to their inner wisdom is a powerful way to create the next generation of peace-leaders and solution-seekers. She is firmly committed to being a part of a kindness revolution, where we raise children in a way that heals and inspires resilience and greatness. Connect with Dr. Seema on Instagram and explore her coaching resources. Schedule a free discovery call and mention code CORE4 to get $100 off your intake assessment! Core4Parenting Resources: 🤯Struggling with MELTDOWNS? Download this FREE Audio Guide today - 🎧⁠⁠⁠⁠5 Mindful Mantras for Conscious Moms Managing Toddler Meltdowns! 🎓 Grab The ⁠⁠Pandemic Mom's Guide to Preschool Readiness Today ⁠⁠- Download the 📖Ebook or listen to the 🎧Audiobook! 👋🏽Join us in our free private FB group -- Conscious Parenting Support for Toddler Moms!