279-Norse Sagas: Prince Ali

Myths and Legends

Jul 13 2022 • 49 mins

The story of Spotted Ali, from the Icelandic sagas, has werewolves, ogre battles, and witch curses. It also has parents doing the right thing (and then the wrong thing for way too much cash), enemies becoming friends if they can keep on doing enemy stuff, and why you should always be polite to people who help you out: you don't know which ones might be actual trolls.

The creature this week is the Kibaan, a chill hairy guy who will play music for you...providing you don't try to steal his child.



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Ali source and academic article: https://myths.link/alisource



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"A Certain Lightness" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Bridgewalker" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Clouds at Castor Ridge" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Persimmon" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Ewa Valley" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Sals Piano Solo" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tapoco Critter" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Onyx" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Zelus" by Blue Dot Sessions

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