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Laura Kidd

An Everyday Rebel takes risks, lives in their power, and embraces the process of transformation, however big and small.
Through solo episodes and guest interviews, you'll feel inspired to develop a deeper relationship with your spiritual self.
Hosted by Laura Kidd, a spiritual coach and social media business owner, this podcast is the perfect blend of spirituality and business, with a dash of self-care tools.
For guest interviews and feedback, please email us at everydayrebelspod@gmail.com
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Ep. 12 Pt. 2 The New Way of Doing Business with Jessica Keats
Sep 6 2021
1 hr 7 mins
Ep. 12 Pt. 1 Listening to your Inner Expert with Jessica KeatsEp. 11 - Entrepreneurship & Fashion with Rebecca RoweEp. 10 - Making Money Moves with Ellyce FulmoreEp.9 - Confident & Killing It with Tiwalola Ogunlesi
Mar 18 2021
52 mins
Ep. 8 - Practicing Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work with Nicholas BremnerEp.7 - From Self-Sabotage To Self-Support With Ashley BeaudinEp. 6 - Exploring Alcohol-Free Living with Karolina RzadkowolskaEp. 5 - Starting A BusinessEp. 4 - The Year of Polarity AKA "Unprecedented Times"
Hey Rebels! It's the final episode of 2020 and we are reminiscing on this tumultuous year by answering some questions. We talk about how the theme of this year was POLARITY. The good, the great, the interesting, the FUN all come up in this episode. To wrap up the year, we answered some questions and it lead us to some great reflections. You might find these questions useful for your look back on the year that changed us as a collective. We also look forward to what we want to achieve and focus on in 2021!QUESTIONS 2020 Wrap up What did you do this year that you’ve never done before? What surprised you the most this year? What is your biggest achievement of 2020? What was your biggest learning this year? What was your funnest moment? What is your favourite “discovery” of the year? What will you remember most of 2020? Just for fun: what was your favourite tv show, movie and/or book of the year? Looking ahead What are your expectations of 2021? How do you feel about the transition? What are you most looking forward to? Do you have goals for 2021? NOTE In the episode, Émilie mentions a book. The correct title of the book is American Royals! We will return with a new episode in early January. Starting next year, we will move to a bi-weekly model where new episodes will be published every two weeks. Follow us on social media to get your daily fix! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow the Pod @everydayrebelspod Follow Jessica @CrystalWithinFollow Emilie @MXMLST.coFollow Laura @LauraKiddHave a good week, Rebels!
Dec 17 2020
1 hr 21 mins
Ep. 3 - Diving Into Human Design with Karine Smith
Welcome Rebels! We are SO excited to share this episode with you because it is OUR FIRST EVER GUEST episode for the Everyday Rebels Podcast! It is extra special because our guest, Karine Smith is here to talk to us about Human Design, a system that maps out our unique aura and helps guide us to live in the manner that we were each uniquely made to live. You’ve heard us talk about this system in previous episodes and now we go even deeper to uncover how this can help you be an everyday rebel in your own unique way. KARINE SMITH - HUMAN DESIGN READER Karine has built a career out of taking complex information and transforming it into well-thought out, well-designed, digestible and understandable resources for all to use. It’s no surprise that she was so attracted to mastering Human Design as a system to transmit to others. Understanding and translating Human Design was so helpful to her that over the past year, she dedicated her time to learning more and mastering the system to help others. In November she started a pilot program, called Permission Slip, offering Human Design readings. Karine has an ability to speak to your soul by taking this complex information and relating the different parts to one another to provide very grounded, tangible and actionable information about ourselves. Follow Karine on social media at @Karine.Smith and Permission Slip at @MyPermissionSlip. IN THIS EPISODE We go deep into Human Design in this episode. Karine goes through how she got into Human Design, what Human Design is and why it can be so influential in our lives.  Karine also takes us through the 5 types in Human Design: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. She introduces what the role of each type is in society and how to live in our power based on our type. If you ever wondered what Human Design is, this is the episode you want to listen to. At the end, Jessica gives us an energetic update for the rest of eclipse season!FIND YOUR HUMAN DESIGN To find out your Human Design, visit this site: My BodyGraph. You will need your birth date, birth time and birth place! THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE This week, we are choosing a word to focus on for the rest of the month. This word is what we will come back to when needed. Trust, resilience, detachment and surrender are ours. What is yours? FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow the Pod @everydayrebelspod Follow Jessica @CrystalWithinFollow Emilie @MXMLST.coFollow Laura @LauraKiddHave a good week, Rebels!
Dec 10 2020
1 hr 42 mins
Ep. 2 - Crafting Your Spiritual Toolbox
Welcome Rebels!It’s the Everyday Rebels Podcast, where we talk spirituality, self-care tools, the entrepreneurship journey and we hang out - with you! Our goal is to inspire you to get over your bullshit and follow your dreams by being an everyday rebel. Taking risks and living the life we are designed to live isn’t easy so we want to learn with you to take steps everyday to live in our power. IN THIS EPISODE We dive deeper into the spiritual tools that helped us spark our interest in spirituality. From hiking to tarot to baths to kundalini yoga, we talk about the tools that help us embody what it means to be an Everyday Rebel. These tools continue to support us in our relationships with ourselves, others, spirit and businesses. Everyone’s tools may be different but the outcomes are all beneficial. THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE To carry on in the practice of crafting our toolbox, we are creating our personal rituals that we will add to our daily routines. Whether you want to commit to incorporating 1 minute of meditation per day or you want to pull a tarot a card a day, we invite you to craft a new ritual to add to your life this week and see how it feels and benefits you. Listen to the end of the episode to find out what our spiritual tools are and follow us on Instagram to follow the journey!SHOW NOTES Emilie’s Kundalini Yoga Teacher: Guru JagatAstrology Resources: Cafe Astrology, Danielle Beinstein, Sarah Vrba, OJC astrology Human Design Resources: Karine Smith @ Permission Slip, Erin Claire Jones, Jenna ZoeEmilie’s Spirit Guide Book: Meet Your Soul by Elisa Romeo Jessica’s Crystal Book: Crystal Muse by Heather Askinosie and Timmi JandroLaura’s Water Drop Experiment: Emotions Alter Water Molecules Emilie’s Ritual Book: Don’t Just Sit There by Biet Simkin Emilie’s Ritual Meditation: Fists of Anger KriyaFOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow the Pod @everydayrebelspod Follow Jessica @CrystalWithinFollow Emilie @MXMLST.coFollow Laura @LauraKiddHave a good week, Rebels!
Dec 3 2020
1 hr 23 mins
Ep. 1 - What Led You To This Moment?
It’s a dream factory up in here! A few months ago we were three strangers starting businesses. Now, we are a team operating three businesses grounded in spirituality, community and friendship. Everyday we make that one small step to build stronger relationships, businesses and communities and you are invited to join the ride! We talk spirituality, self-care tools, the entrepreneurship journey and we hang out - with you! Our goal is to inspire you to get over your bullshit and follow your dreams by being an everyday rebel. Taking risks and living the life we are designed to live isn’t easy so we want to learn with you to take steps everyday to live in our power. It’s by enjoying the process of transformation that we become rebellious. Every week we give ourselves a challenge to embody what it means to be everyday rebels and we invite you to take part in them. You ready? IN THIS EPISODEIn this episode, we, Emilie, Jessica and Laura, chat about what led us to this moment - the moment we met, the moment we started our businesses and the moment we started this podcast. We introduce ourselves and our journeys and cosmically profile ourselves - because that shit matters. THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGEThe challenge this week was to create a video introducing ourselves and our journey to answer the question: “What led you to this moment?”. This challenge provided an opportunity for us to connect with our audience and also celebrate the steps we’ve taken to lead us to where we are right now. Take part in the challenge and post your video answering the question: What led you this moment? Share it on Instagram and tag @everydayrebelspod on Instagram! INSTAGRAM Follow the Pod @everydayrebelspod Follow Jessica @CrystalWithinFollow Emilie @MXMLST.coFollow Laura @LauraKiddTEAM DESCRIPTION Emilie, Jessica and Laura are on the path to raising consciousness in their own ways. Emilie is a fashion entrepreneur, Jessica is a spiritual guide and Laura is a spiritual coach. They’re all changing the world one step at a time by taking small risks and getting over their own bullshit everyday to design the life they’ve always dreamt of. They are everyday rebels.
Nov 26 2020
35 mins