Episode 19: Aligning your values and priorities with the real New Yorker (hint: it's NOT about getting things done)

Beautiful Soul-Led Life Podcast

Jul 15 2022 • 29 mins

What are you experiencing? It’s the middle of summer here, and as you’ve heard me talk about, there is a lot of change and transition in my Beautiful Soul-Led Life at the moment. Today’s episode is really about receiving the precious moments in life, and getting clear on your values and priorities as you dive deeper into the FemmeTypes and move into the real New Yorker energy, versus not just focusing on your to-do list.

I know it can feel good to check items off your list, but a Beautiful Soul-Led Life is about so much more than this. It’s about how we’re showing up inside of it, and ensuring that we are really aligned with the experience, and that’s what I want to share here today.

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