Pirkei Avos With Rabbi Yaakov Singer


Renowned Mechanech and Lecturer, Rabbi Yaakov Singer releases 21 short captivating, informative, motivational Shuirim on the first chapter of Pirkei Avos, with insightful timely spiritual messages.

Ethics of The Father's - פרקי אבות is one of the time sacred treasures of the Jewish people. It is studied by young and old, every Shabbos between Pesach and Rosh Hashana throughout the Jewish world. All it's lessons are rooted in Sinai. It is the accumulative wisdom that the greatest sages of yesteryear extrapolated from their intense Torah study. This knowledge is an everlasting guide for the Jewish People, insuring that they will always live on a higher spiritual level than the rest of the nations. That they will live up to their calling of being a light onto the nations, by example.
Our Sages didn't just study Torah. They also made sure that their conduct matched their scholarship. After mastering perfection in each generation and passing it on to the next, they transcribed appropriate guidelines and primary conduct expected of the Jewish People, as children of the King. Their goal was for us to live noble lives imbued with values that go beyond personal gain, lust, honor and immediate pleasure. To lead quality lives that emulate the ways of Hashem. The King's children cannot behave like everyone else. They must live on a higher level. They must be conscious of their actions. How we behave with our fellow man and equally important, how we serve Hashem. Avos stimulates our minds to be more mindfull, to think before we do. We don't just study Torah. We live by its teachings, in real time practice. Avos is a road map that helps us navigate the stormy seas of life while educating us on how to attain human perfection in all areas. Our Sages put great emphasis on improving character traits, moral behavior, proper daily relationships. They considered it a prerequisite, even before Torah study itself. Their advise to us is timeless. They summed it all up in a few words דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה. May we merit to live the esteemed life they charted for us.

I thank Hashem for giving me the privilege of sharing these lectures with the Jewish People. Hopeful that my understanding of our Sages holy teachings will in some small way contribute to a deeper understanding of how the Torah expects us Jews to live.

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