Sasha Reed: Success without College - #27

The Rational Educator

Nov 17 2020 • 47 mins

Sasha Reed is the Director of Industry Advancement at Procore, a tech company that specializes in construction management software. We talk with her about achieving professional success in the tech industry without a college degree, in a world in which degrees from elite schools are the currency of the land.

For parents who keep hearing  news of skyrocketing costs, an intellectual monoculture, and a curriculum further and further removed from reality, it's fair to ask if it's really worth it, and is there a better alternative?

If you're a parent looking a better alternative for your child's education by homeschooling, but are overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, check out the homeschool coaching program from the Pisan Academy, which will give you everything you need to get started in just 4 weeks!

  • We do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your family during the transition.
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  • Learn about the different homeschool approaches and what to expect.

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