Episode 216 - How To Have More Creativity In Your Agile Practice

Badass Agile

Jun 28 2022 • 12 mins

Perhaps the reason we struggle to let agile be is because we don't trust in creativity.

If you think creativity has no place in the corporate headquarters, you'd be wrong.  Solutioning, experimentation, and innovation are all creative processes. They are essential to agility, and to providing value in the marketplace.

Because I have a daily creative ritual, I'm able to envision new outcomes, solve problems, and offer new products and services faster than most. How can you get more comfortable with the creative process?

Put down ideas daily. Don't pause, don't think, don't judge. Just do. Every so often, groom your list of ideas. Put the best ones in a backlog that you can prioritize and execute on.  Some will sit there for years. Some will go in the trash.

But sometimes, you come up with one that is, much to your own surprise...genius.  And then you get more confident in your ideas. You trust yourself more. You become the person that others wish they could be.


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