Ep #22 - Releasing Embarrasment, Shame and Guilt Through Telling Your Story

The Karyn Jeneen Podcast

Feb 15 2023 • 27 mins

Stephanie has disrupted the norm by choosing writing as her profession, despite people's discouragement. Stephanie used the discouragement of becoming a writer to become a writing coach and help others find joy in their own storytelling.  Stephanie believes that too often, generations are steered into professions that are profitable, but not necessarily purposeful or enjoyable.  She chose not to have children, and those from her generation feel sorry for her, but she sees movements popping up that give women and non-binary people more choices.  She believes that everyone should be able to pursue their passions and take a stand for what they believe in. Conversation topics included:  how to pull stories out of people, particularly women, who have experienced trauma or personal loss.  howoften women are discouraged from sharing their stories due to fear of hurting someone or being judged.  hiding behind stories, suffering in silence and living in these stories without speaking out.  being mindful of the stories you share, careful with what is said and written, and to recognizing the importance of sharing one's story in order to help and heal. Listen in as Stephanie talks about the best way to get a story out. Guest links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniemojica/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/995595120958774 Timestamps 0:00:03 "Exploring the Legacy Life Model with Stephanie Mohica: Overcoming Obstacles and Living Your Wildest Adventure" 0:03:37 Choosing to Live a Life of Purpose and Fulfillment 0:05:32 Pulling Stories Out of People 0:07:16 Releasing Embarrassment, Shame, and Guilt Through Storytelling 0:09:31 Financial Leadership Development Consultant 0:14:43 Storytelling: Finding Your Medium and Making a Point 0:16:18 Writing and Telling Traumatic Stories 0:21:29 Writing as Therapy 0:23:38 Unlocking the Power of Storytelling --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/karyn-buggs/message