Teaching, Learning, & The Future of Work [TRAILER]

Learning Unboxed

Jan 28 2019 • 4 mins

We hear, frequently, that the global education system is broken, and as a result, we spend billions of dollar trying to fix it. But the K-12 system isn’t actually broken at all – it’s working exactly as it was designed, 100 years ago, and it’s obsolete. So in Learning Unboxed, we will have a conversation about teaching, learning, and the future of work; we will reimagine, rethink, and redesign our educational system. And we invite you to join us. Your host on this journey is Annalies Corbin – the Founder, President, CEO, & Chief Goddess of the PAST Foundation – and we will be joined by experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are wrestling with this conversation, and who have a whole set of creative designs and solutions.   Resources: Learn more at https://www.pastfoundation.org Connect with Annalies: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn   Learning Unboxed is produced by Podcast Masters Mentioned in this episode: Learning Unboxed Audience Survey Thank you for listening to Learning Unboxed! As we work on the next 150 episodes we want to hear how we can best tailor this podcast to your needs. Please go to https://www.pastfoundation.org/survey to share your insights. https://learningunboxed.captivate.fm/luaudiencesurvey (Audience Survey)