Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 4: Common Man, Uncommon Deeds

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Jan 6 2023 • 22 mins

It takes a special type of person to venture out and do things many others haven't. For some, it's the thrill of the risk that fuels their fire. For others, it simply just fits their personality. The extraordinary starts with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This is where Ken Squier and Cale Yarborough fit into the story.   In this fourth installment of Next Level, host Andrew Kurland, and Squier pick apart his famous quote "common man doing uncommon deeds." The two talk about the first flag-to-flag broadcast, which aired in 1971 featuring Ken as a pit reporter for ABC.  They also discuss the birth of in-car cameras, and a never-before-heard story featuring Cale Yarbrough and his pet bear, Susie. You heard it right, a BEAR. Get ready.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit