Planet Weirdo with Holly H

Holly H, Georgina Revell, Stak

In Planet Weirdo with Holly H, Holly and her co-host G attempt to reveal the weirdness in all of us through celebrity interviews and some of your weirdest questions!In the first series, listeners can hear from Shakira, Tom Daley, Benny Blanco, and more as Holly and G dive deep with each guest to get hearing their life story, before finding out their weirdest secrets.

Each episode will build to the final segment, “Weird or Not Weird” -- reading fans’ stories shared on Instagram - going through the good, the bad, and the bizarre, to decide a verdict once and for all.

Because we’re all weirdos in our own way, right? Welcome to #PlanetWeirdo.

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Our Editor's Take


Everyone has a little weirdness in them. This podcast, Planet Weirdo with Holly H, is all about finding and examining the odd and unusual qualities everyone has. It's here to highlight and applaud uniqueness. Through guest interviews, Holly and her cohost, G, find one thing to be universal: it's not so strange to be weird.

Listeners can revel in the wit, humor, and commentary of Holly and G as they get unusual. Throw in interviews with celebrities like Shakira, and this podcast is a must-listen.

Each episode explores a new, relevant topic. They'll explore conversations about “main character energy.” They'll discover what Olympic divers' crochet. They'll even figure out what exactly it means to be “weird” and how everyone has their own weirdness to flaunt.

Nothing is off-limits, from the bizarre nature of social media to the paranormal. Accompanying every topic is Planet Weirdo's signature segment, Weird or Not Weird. In this part of the show, Holly and company react to tales shared by fans. The stories range from eccentric to downright absurd. There are conversations about the third eye, astrology, and strange animal behaviors. The hosts specialize in discussing every aspect of a topic. Then, after ample conversation, they'll conclude whether it's weird or not weird based on their own determinations. As a spoiler alert, these determinations are all in good fun—there's no real meter for deciding whether something is weird. It's a fun way to interact with the audience and spark fascinating conversations.

This podcast has broad appeal thanks to its lighthearted approach to a common bond shared by humanity: weirdness.

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