Complete in Christ

Charles Wright

A weekly Bible study podcast that uses a combination of topical/thematic lessons as well as verse-by-verse expository teaching. This podcast is for the churched and the unchurched. Those with questions or with doubts. Those who may be young in their faith or seasoned saints. But ultimately, it is for those who want a serious treatment and clear presentation of God's word. My sincere belief is that Christ not only provides a means for right relationship with the Father, but that His teachings and, the entirety of the scriptures that find their fulfillment in Him, help us to fit the pieces of our lives together. Like Paul, I do not claim to have attained it all (Philippians 3:12) but I'm pressing forward to take hold of that for which Christ took hold of me and invite any who are interested to come along on this journey with me. Colossians 1:28: "We proclaim Him, admonishing every person and teaching every person with all wisdom, so that we may present every person complete in Christ." read less
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