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Episode 4 - Wellness, Website Security, and Winning USPs
Jun 14 2024
Episode 4 - Wellness, Website Security, and Winning USPs
In this episode, Fab and Liz dive into three main topics: Business Success Hack: Liz shares an inspiring story about a caravan park on the Gold Coast that prioritises staff wellness. The General Manager has implemented a policy where park managers work only five days a week with standard hours, promoting a healthy work-life balance. This approach has led to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover, and significant financial benefits for the business. Avoiding a Common Business Horror Story: Fab talks about a recurring issue where businesses lose access to their websites because they lack proper administrative logins. They emphasise the importance of maintaining full access credentials to your website, domain, and control panel to prevent such crises. Fab shares a real-life example of a client who faced this issue and provides tips on risk management for digital assets. Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Liz and Fab explain the importance of having a clear USP, which is essential for effective communication and marketing. They describe a process for developing a USP, including understanding the value your business offers, identifying your ideal customer, and using tools like ChatGPT to refine your USP. Practical advice is given on where to display your USP, such as on your website, business cards, social media profiles, and email signatures. Throughout the episode, Liz and Fab engage in a lively conversation, sharing valuable insights and practical tips to help businesses succeed. They also encourage listeners to suggest topics for future episodes and highlight the importance of consistent messaging across all platforms.