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Welcome to the IPhO Podcast. Each episode will introduce a new leader in industry who will share information about his/her role, relevant experiences, and advice for listeners looking to advance their industry career. The podcast hosts, Sergio Gatoulis and Alex Schepart, have nearly 20 years of combined industry experience and know what it takes to transition from pharmacy student to industry pharmacist—so you'll find something interesting no matter where you are in your journey. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy the show!

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Jan 10 2021
1 min
Episode 22 - The Path Less Traveled with Jeff MacDonaldEpisode 21: Charting a Course for Career Success with Mike DeLucaEpisode 20 - Finding Your Fellowship Match with Georgia Quartey, PharmD, RPhEpisode 19 - Navigating Leadership from the UK to the USEpisode 18: From Makeup Artist to Medical Affairs Fellow (Dimple Gandhi)Episode 17 - New Year, Same UsEpisode 16 - Taking the Scenic Route with Ornesha Watson, PharmDEpisode 15 - Getting Back in the Race with Austin Murphy, PharmD
Sure, it would be nice to secure a fellowship early in the recruitment season. And we understand why! It can be a stressful time. And even more stressful is reading other students' fellowship acceptance posts on LinkedIn and still waiting for your offer to come through. But if you don't secure your fellowship during the traditional recruitment cycle, remember that it isn't game over! On this episode, Aleksey is joined by Austin Murphy, PharmD. Austin is a first-year Global Safety Strategy & Risk Management Fellow at Janssen. Austin tells his story of how he initially went through the process without any offers, but still managed to get a fellowship in the end. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for every situation, and this episode will help you do just that.   Novo Nordisk https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/a6a585162b1b2a4048b40e1b39092cfd.pdf University of North Carolina https://pharmacydpetfellowships.web.unc.edu/applications/ University of Southern California AbbVie: https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/0cf4416bd9b6dc398284ed8efbf127a9.pdfGilead: https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/bf533185f02a7baa67053a8bfcbbb07c.pdfKite: https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/ada43d369ca28f7fce8994c0aa20461a.pdfMannKind: https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/ed81e0e89f5c7073f75eacb5efc1ca2c.pdfNeurocrine: https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/95870cdce0c6961e3468620e78c22583.pdfAdaptive Therapeutics: https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/f8f6929abbf39218dff9f4c914803053.pdf University of the Sciences https://www.industrypharmacist.org/resources/8ee0b3f4f8cedcf5f24fbddf22cfc245.pdf
Dec 2 2021
29 mins
Episode 14 - Advice from a ChampionEpisode 13 - Competing as a First-Time Runner with Elizabeth Wilks, PharmD, RPhEpisode 12 - Setting Your Strategy with Veronica Nguyen, PharmDEpisode 11 - Jessie Kim and Richard CaleEpisode 10 - Jim Alexander ReturnsEpisode 9 - Preston Skersick, PharmD, US Medical Affairs Fellow at GSK/UNCEpisode 8 - Rolee Das, PharmD - Senior Director, WW Medical Lead, Women’s Cancers and GBM at BMSEpisode 7 - Corey Rantz, PharmD WW Medical Strategy, Oncology Fellow, BMSEpisode 6 - Aleksey Gitelson, PharmD Incoming Global Patient Safety Fellow UCB/IPhOEpisode 5 - Nicolas James, PharmD, MBA and Sona Patel, PharmDEpisode 4 - Ralu Vlad, VP, Development Team Lead at BMSEpisode 3 - Gerald Finken, CEO of RXE2, LLC