Ep 66 Skincare: Looking Better And Feeling Better with Kalaura

Thym 4 Tea with Mikita

Feb 28 2023 • 24 mins

Looking for ways to improve your skincare routine? In the latest episode of Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita. Me and my youngest daughter share our favorite beauty products and how they've helped us achieve better skin. f you're looking for tips on how to take better care of your skin, this episode is a must-listen!

-The difficulties of finding the right face wash and moisturizer
-How products can be too harsh and drying
-How finding the right products is about more than just what you eat or use on your face
-The importance of drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet
-How sunscreen can help with hyperpigmentation and acne
-The idea that alkaline water can help to balance out the body and skin

In recent years, however, the skin care industry has begun to recognize the needs of women of color and has started to create products specifically tailored to their skin type. These products range from face washes to moisturizers to toners and more.
In this episode, I get to sit down with my youngest daughter, Kalaura, to discuss skincare specifically for women of color and our experiences growing up. Growing up in a small town with limited access to skincare aimed at women of color, it is amazing to see how much the health and beauty industry has grown and changed. Listen in as we share our experiences and some of our favorite natural facial cleaners and moisturizers.

We discuss what products are available, what has worked well for us, and some of our issues with them.  The tea is hot!


00:02:59 Find the right skincare solution.
00:13:05 Protect skin with sunscreen.
00:21:10 Drink alkaline water for health.
00:23:26 Connect with Kalorox on TikTok.

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