Antoinette Logan : Overcoming Challenges And Becoming An Advocate

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Oct 18 2022 • 20 mins

"You have to show up and be unapologetic. You have to be transparent and open." -Antoinette Logan

This is Antoinette Logan's story...

Antoinette Logan is a high-energy go-getter who has overcome many challenges in her life. She is the founder of a non-profit organization and has written an affirmation book. She is also a business owner and brand strategist who is unapologetic and authentic.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Antoinette Logan overcame challenges in her life to become a successful business owner and author
2. The importance of authenticity and transparency in business
3. How Henna's affirmations book came about

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Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:54] - Antoinette Logan is a founder, brand Strategist, and producer, consultant, and international author. Antoinette is a creative, high-energy, very aggressive go-getter. She is a consistent learner and always willing to learn and implement. She overcame some challenges, but still found healing throughout the journey.

[00:04:23] - Antoinette is an advocate for parents and children who were separated from their parents. Antoinette was raised by her parents for the first few years of her life, then snatched and sent somewhere else for a little bit. She created stability for herself in her early teenage years. Through her relationship, she had to deal with domestic violence and her own mental illness. She started a non-profit Bonded by Birth, and then her own management company. For her, her experiences shape how she sees things and how she reacts to things. She is one of those people that will speak up on behalf of other people.

[00:17:04] - Antoinett  decided to pivot and start her PR Company (AIM) Altered Image Management Agency. Proving that sometimes the path you start on is not the path you end on.

[00:20:32] - As a business owner, you have to show up and be unapologetic. You have to be transparent and open. Every business is not about you. If you are a personal brand and your business is directly connected to your person and your personal image, you need to be authentic and literally be yourself.

[00:23:04] - Antoinette wrote her affirmation book based on the affirmations of self-help that has guide  her.
Sharing how  one missed turn changed her life. While on the phone with her girlfriend. She saw her boyfriend with another woman the next day she got up to journaland heard a voice say this is a book .

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