Ep 65 - Mapping The Future With Rob McCarty Of Illust

Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

Feb 21 2023 • 41 mins

So we all know that it's no secret that interactive maps have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether you're trying to find a new cafe in town or just following your route from work, we've all come to rely on them for convenience and accuracy. But what if there was a way for you, for the tech-savvy artists or entrepreneurs, to harness modern web 3D-powered technology and create your own dynamic maps?  I'm here today with one of the co-founders of ILLUST, Rob McCarty, as he spills some hot tea on how they are bringing us one step closer to the future of digital mapping with this groundbreaking platform. So grab your map pins and a cup of tea and get comfy because the tea is hot.

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Rob McCarty and his business partner, who have a background in working with Facebook, Spark AR, and Snap, created Illust, the first augmented reality NFT. Through blockchain technology, the platform is advancing digital mapping and helping content creators regain control of their art. . Rob provides insight into his own journey in launching his business and developing the digital marketing space. He describes the advancements in creating digital graphics through augmented reality and the convenience of an interactive map for finding locations and following routes.

Thyme 4 Tea Show Notes

00:03:19 Content creators own their art.
00:13:03 Engage the metaverse with tools.
00:14:09 Denver Rewards for engaging experiences.
00:27:31 AR NFTs are the future.
00:30:01 Prioritize yourself for success.
00:34:34 Stay focused and organized.

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