49. He, She, They? The Importance of Personal Pronouns

The Language Alchemy Podcast

Jun 22 2022 • 21 mins

“It's important to make a commitment to avoiding assumptions about people because of the way they look,” says host Alejandra. In honor of Pride Month, Alejandra explains the importance of personal pronouns. By demonstrating why they are used in speech, Alejandra gives insight into how to adjust your communication skills to be more inclusive.

As a language teacher and communication coach, Alejandra understands that language is always evolving. When words are no longer an accurate reflection of our current world, it is natural for us to adjust. By using people’s correct personal pronouns, whether he, she, they, or something else, we are demonstrating a respect for our human family and the wonderful expression of identity.

Tune into this week’s episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast for an illuminating conversation on personal pronouns. Learn more about the different pronouns used in the English language, helpful ways to incorporate the pronoun “they” in daily communication, and how to use language to transform our world.


• “It's important to make a commitment to avoiding assumptions about people because of the way they look. And to make sure that we're using people's correct personal pronouns as a way of respecting them.” (07:55-08:10 | Alejandra)

• “Language is a living organism. And as such, it's constantly changing and evolving.” (10:36-10:43 | Alejandra)

• “Our identity is way more complex than just a matter of preference or taste.” (17:20-17:26 | Alejandra)

• “We can communicate and live in a world where all of us feel safe to express ourselves, including the , , bisexual, transgender, , intersex, and asexual members of our human family.” (19:17-19:40 | Alejandra)

• “Remember, you and I can transform our world when we transform our language.” (20:14-20:21 | Alejandra)


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