Caring For Your Loved One In Hospice With Guest, Helen Bauer

The Caregiver Cup Podcast

Jan 31 2023 • 59 mins

If you're caring for a loved one in their end of life and hospice or you're approaching it soon, this episode is going to be valuable.

Today’s guest, Helen Bauer from the Heart of Hospice podcast shares

  • What’s the difference between Palliative Care vs Hospice?
  • What is end of life care?
  • Your rights to choose an agency.
  • Levels of hospice care
  • The core team, services / discipline, caregiver system and the family
  • What hospice does to help the family?

And then some really good advice for caregivers.

  • Caregiver empowerment - advice for caregivers
  • What’s covered under Medicare hospice benefits?
  • Keys to making a caregiver system work
  • Self-care and self-awareness for the caregiver during this time.  Mind, body and spirit
  • Caregiver behaviors and roles during this time
  • View of death

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