Boozy Beginnings: The Barry Pilot

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May 17 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

Happy Wine Wednesday! We're back with another installment in our Boozy Beginnings series.  Candi joined me this week to talk about the pilot episode of the HBO series Barry.

We kick off our discussion by talking about the opening scene in which we meet Barry who looks like he is struggling to feel satisfied in his career as an assassin.  We also talk about how the writers very efficiently acquainted us with him via some well done exposition from Fuches.

Barry is the show's namesake and undoubtedly the main character, but the interesting cast of characters is absolutely part of the charm of this series.  In light of that, I ask Candi a few questions for sh*ts and giggles - including her thoughts about NoHo Hank.  We love him!

After a few Barry-inspired questions, we share what worked well in the pilot and whether there was anything that didn't work for us.  If you're new to Barry, we try to further entice you to watch by sharing three words to describe the series.  Have no fear, our discussion is spoiler free - nothing beyond the pilot episode.

As always, we end with our thirsty thoughts.  It's a Barry episode, so of course we swoon over Bill Hader.

Friendly reminder - we drink, we know things, we use adult language, and we have a great time.

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Thank you so much for listening!

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