The Last of Us: Episodes 7-8

I'ma Need More Wine Podcast

Mar 19 2023 • 1 hr 22 mins

Hey there lovely listeners! It's not Wine Wednesday, so think of this as a Sunday surprise instead.  Candi and I are entering the home stretch of our coverage of HBO's The Last of Us with our discussion about episodes 7 and 8.

We share our thoughts on getting more insight into Ellie's backstory in episode 7 and the discovery that she has much more in common with Joel than we understood.  We then move on to episode 8 and the evil cult. We're always here for Ellie saving herself, but we did think there was some room for improvement in the writing for David.  It would've been nice to have a little more of a reveal of him as a villain, rather than him looking completely sketchy from the very first moment he appears.  Candi had a few questions about Joel's miraculous ability to rally from his injury.  Penicillin is great, but there is usually a crash after that initial feeling of improved health.

As always, we talk about who was hustling backwards, the moment that felt most like a video game, and we give out a yummy chicken sandwich what we enjoyed most from the episodes.  For the thirst segment, we were inspired by Riley and Ellie's first date so we discuss what our perfect date during the apocalypse would be.

Thanks so much for listening! Friendly reminder - we drink, we know things, we use adult language, and we have a great time.  Keep an eye on the feed for our close out discussion of The Last of Us.  We will share our thoughts on the finale and reflections on the first season as a whole.

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